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Beco Watch Winder Boxy BLDC Nightstand Extension (EXT)

Automatic Watch Winder for 1 Watch - Expandable Watch Winder

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The Beco Boxy BLDC Nightstand EXTENDED watch winder represents a revolutionary innovation in... more
Product information "Watch Winder Boxy BLDC Nightstand Extension (EXT)"
The Beco Boxy BLDC Nightstand EXTENDED watch winder represents a revolutionary innovation in the care and presentation of automatic watches. This advanced model integrates the advanced technology of the Brushless DC Motor (BLDC), known for its exceptionally quiet operation, with a modular, expandable structure that allows up to four modules to be operated on a single baseplate - all with just one power supply. This combination of advanced technology and modular flexibility makes the Boxy BLDC Nightstand EXTENDED the ideal watch winder for collectors and watch enthusiasts who value efficiency, aesthetics and functionality.
Elegant design for any environment
With its stylishly curved case, available in various colors and surface materials, the Boxy BLDC Nightstand EXTENDED offers an elegant solution for stylishly displaying your automatic watches in any environment. The compact dimensions (WxHxD: 8.5 x 15 x 12.5 cm) allow the watch winder to be placed effectively even in the smallest corners without compromising on appearance.
Modular expandability for individual requirements
The special feature of the EXTENDED model is its modular expandability. By purchasing optional base plates or extension plates, up to four of these modules can be operated side by side on one base plate. This system allows for easy scaling and adaptation to your growing watch collection, with only one power supply required to provide an efficient and space-saving solution.
Customized settings for optimal clock care
Each module is designed to meet the individual needs of each automatic watch. The number and direction of revolutions can be conveniently and intuitively set using sliders on the front panel, with options for 650, 950, 1250 or 2500 revolutions per day. This flexibility allows each clock to be optimally maintained and presented according to its specific requirements.
Convenience and compatibility in the power supply
The Boxy BLDC Nightstand EXTENDED offers flexible power supply options. While a custom-built power supply is available as an option, the included connection cable facilitates integration into existing systems for customers who already have a USB power supply with an output voltage of 3-5V and USB-B output. This thoughtful solution underscores Beco's commitment to ease of use and customer satisfaction.
Watches, jewelry and other decorative items shown are not included.
Product type: Watch winder
Colour group: Black, Brown
Materials: Leather fibrous material, Plastic
Surface: Leather fibrous material
Number of moved watches: 1
Technical highlights: modular, expandable system, Separate programmable motors per watch
Scope of delivery: Article, Operating instructions, without adapter & without batteries
Operation by: Rotary knob / Switch
Rotation direction: alternating, left, right
Rotations per day: 650 / 950 / 1250 / 2500, 650/ 950/ 1250/ 2500
Power supply: Mains operation
Type of the watch receptacle: Clasp receptacle, Pad receptacle
Watch clasp width (cm): 7
Watch clasp circumference: 16
Weight (kg): 0,39
Height (cm): 15
Width (cm): 5, 8
Depth (cm): 5, 12
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