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Chronovision Remontoir Montre Automatique Empire

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  • 70050-102.17.10
Security comes in different forms. One relies on elaborate barriers. The other flies below
Informations sur le produit "Remontoir Montre Automatique Empire"

Security comes in different forms. One relies on elaborate barriers. The other flies below the radar. The basic principle:  value that goes unnoticed is hard to covet. Thats the principle behind the Chronovision Empire.


When closed it simply looks like a decorative platform, perhaps a design piece or a sound system. Especially when a decorative object like a vase is placed on the top, which is finished in a special scratch-resistant glass. Who would dare to think that it houses so much more!? Its appearance is far from the dazzling image before your minds eye as you point the remote to open. Just seconds later ssssst! and the housing gently moves from 1.12 to 1.73 meters to reveal what you had been picturing all along.


The top compartment alone can store up to nine watches and other valuables, all nearly at eye level. Eight or even 16 rotating Chronovision One modules can be stored at the next level below. Continuing down and separated by a special glass layer, additional items of value can be stored in a separate drawer. Subtle LED lighting will be reflected in your gaze. Everything is exactly where it needs to be.


Still thinking about the sound system? Good, because we can do that, too. USB and Bluetooth are integrated as standard interfaces. And you have probably realized that they enable easy control of your Chronovision Empire with your iOS or Android phone or your computer. Just like you have come to expect from your Chronovision One modules. Enjoy the new combinations of surface designs, materials and colors   from Black Silk/Carbon to White Silk/Natur Oak and Ziricote High-Gloss/Leather to White Silk/Walnut Silk. Which Empire will you choose?

Type de produit: Remontoir de montres
Style: Classique, Jeune & Tendance
Groupe de couleurs: Blanc, Noir
Matériaux: Bois/MDF, Carbone
Surface: Carbone, Mat, Noir Brillant
Nombre de montres remontées: 16
Nombre de montres à stocker: 16
Innovations techniques: Fonction de levage, Fonctionnement d'arrêt 12h, Fonctionnement synchrone, Lumière ambiante, Moteurs programmés séparément pour chaque montre, Phase de sommeil, Remontage rapide, Éclairage intérieur LED à intensité variable
Équipement: Éclairage à commande séparée
Étendue de livraison: Adaptateur, Articles, Mode d'emploi
Fonctionnement via: Application / Bluetooth, Logiciel (Ordinateur)
Intérieur: Velours
Type de support de montres: Support de serrage
Sens de rotation: alternant, vers la droite, vers la gauche
Rotations par jour: 550 ... -2650 (par pas de 50), 550… -2 650 (par pas de 50)
Alimentation électrique: Fonctionnement sur secteur
Hauteur (en cm): 172
Largeur (en cm): 55
Profondeur (en cm): 41
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