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Welcome at Designhuette, leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality watch winders and watch boxes. Designhuette is specialized dealer of watch winders and watch boxes from  Elma Motion, Underwood, MTE, Beluwo and Heisse & Soehne. Our well trained support team will assist you at any time to provide you the best possible support.

We are also able to offer verry attractive prices for brand watches. Please do not hesitate to ask for your individual quotation

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Underwood Watch Box for 1 Watch - Watch Boxes Tan

Underwood Watch Box for 1 Watch - Watch Boxes Tan

Our previous price 169,00 EUR
only 118,30 EUR
you save 30 % / 50,70 EUR


Designhütte Watch Winder and Watch Boxes

DesignhuetteSince 2006 the company Designhütte has impressed watch lovers at home and abroad with high quality watch winders and watch boxes. Through their investment in modern production techniques, new and innovative products are constantly being developed and brought into being. The sporty and elegant design as well as the excellent price-performance ratio of this brand are just two of the reasons to make a decision in favour of a Designhütte watch winder. Check it out for yourself!


Beco Watch Winder and Watch Boxes

The Beco watch winders impress collectors of fine automatic watches through their different design options, from classic -elegant to sporty-modern. The sophisticated technology of theirproducts ensures a long service life and thus contributes to preserving the value of exclusive automatic watches. Modular watch winders permit the continued expansion of your watch collection. The good price/performance ratio ensures a high level of satisfaction amongst customers.


Elma Watch Winder

Founded in 1948, the company Elma, with its headquarters in Singen, impresses with its extremely high quality watch winders. Varying types of wood and fine leather fittings provide a distinctive design that appears to be both classic and modern. The long service life of Elma watch winders is facilitated by the use of German technology. Also integrated are run programmes such as the sleep phase or an automatic battery condition indicator, which ensure that your watches are wound optimally.

MTE Watch Winder

Founded near Stuttgart in 1975, the company began with the development of watch winders over 10 years ago. The MTE watch winder are noticeable above all for their functionality. The development and production for almost all products takes place in Germany. In addition to a selection of reasonably priced versions, various premium grade watch winders are also available.



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