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The fascination for stylish and elegant timepieces led, in the year 2006, to the establishment of Designhütte by the then 25 year old Jan Heisse. As one of the first specialist retailers for watch winders, Designhütte quickly earned themselves a good reputation amongst watch enthusiasts in Germany and its neighboring countries through strong customer orientation, flexibility and commitment.

Positively influenced by good cooperation with the leading manufacturers in the industry, just two years after the founding of the company a watch winder series under its own brand name was brought onto the market. The primary objective of the series, making a functional and cost effective high quality watch winder available to the lovers of automatic watches, hit the Zeitgeist. Designhütte developed itself from a retailer into a leading distributor in the watches and jewelry branch.

A further milestone in the development of the company was the decision to launch the brand "HEISSE & SÖHNE" at the end of 2009. The watch winders and watch boxes from "HEISSE & SÖHNE" can rightly be described as masterpieces of craftsmanship. In the extravagant production of these masterpieces of craftsmanship, materials of the highest quality and innovation are used exclusively. This unique processing is rounded off and complemented by the seemingly limitless variety in the programme of watch winders. The LCD controller specially developed for HEISSE & SÖHNE enables fast and convenient operation of each masterpiece.