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The love for jewelry is already awakened in girls at an early age. It is therefore not surprising that women often own jewelry in large numbers and variety. Chains, rings, bracelets or earrings accumulate quickly. But the most different pieces can not be worn at the same time. It is advisable to keep them safely in a jewelry box or jewelry organizer.

Jewelry Box - The optimal jewelry storage

Once you have a large collection of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets or watches, sooner or later you will ask yourself where best to store them. In the beginning, a compact jewelry roll or a smaller jewelry box may be sufficient, but in the course of time a jewelry box is more suitable. If there is even more jewelry, there are jewelry cases that offer enough storage space for various treasures.

The jewelry box makes it possible to keep track of the collection, have it ready to hand at all times and protect the jewelry from external influences such as dust, dirt, direct sunlight or moisture. Genuine silver jewelry, for example, can oxidize, which means that it tarnishes on contact with air and moisture. The jewelry box therefore not only brings order to the collection, but is also practical and thanks to attractive design a real eye-catcher. Jewelry boxes are made of different materials: A jewelry box made of wood or a jewelry box made of leather are always in demand.

What makes a jewelry box?

The jewelry box is usually a rectangular, round or oval box. This type of jewelry storage can be of different sizes and have many different divisions. The jewelry box offers the ideal place for different pieces of jewelry. For example, there are holders for rings and loops or eyelets for earrings. There are also suitable compartments for necklaces, bracelets, etc., so that ultimately each piece of jewelry finds its place. Mostly there are pull-out drawers and other kind of comaprtments. It is also advantageous to have a lock, which protects the jewelry additionally. The jewelry box also offers the advantage of a careful separation of the pieces of jewelry. This not only provides more clarity, but also protects them from scratches or other damage.

Jewelry box or jewelry roll on travel?

Compact models are very well suited to take with you on your travels, so that you can always have your favorite pieces of jewelry with you on vacation. Also here variants with lock are meaningful. For traveling, a jewelry roll, in which the jewelry is separated from each other and safely stored, is also very suitable.

The jewelry roll or jewelry case is as handy as a jewelry bag. Optionally, a jewelry case with handle is also practical when traveling, because it is easy to transport. Often there is, similar to the case, a snap lock to open and close. They also usually have an integrated mirror. Jewelry boxes made of wood are rather unsuitable for travel due to their weight.

It is never recommended to leave the jewelry lying around open. Jewelry stands are decorative, but storing them in a jewelry box or other product ensures that no oxygen, house dust, etc. can get to the jewelry, thus keeping its value and appearance. To avoid scratches, it is best if the jewelry pieces do not come into contact with each other.

Jewelry storage for children

A jewelry box for children is also very useful, because even little girls love jewelry, preferably in all possible colors and shapes. But also the little "top models" of tomorrow will love having a nice place to store their jewelry. With the jewelry box, they can proudly present them to their friends and do not have to search long for specific jewelry. This also educates children to handle the utensils properly at an early age and to store everything in the designated place.


Not only the jewelry box, but also other types of jewelry storage are available in different variations. Thus, no matter how large the jewelry collection is, everything is well protected as well as clearly arranged and always ready to hand. External influences such as high temperatures, humidity and dust can cause a loss of value of the jewelry. Different types of storage are suitable for each piece of jewelry. This is taken into account in the production process.

The jewelry box can be stored in the cupboard or it can find its place as a decorative element and attract attention. The different versions all score with a particularly beautiful look.

Girls are also happy about a jewelry box in their favorite color. No matter whether for a birthday, Christmas or as a nice gesture, it is always a nice gift idea. Wooden jewelry boxes are very popular because the material is high-quality, noble and durable.