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Jewelry boxes and jewelry boxes are the second most beautiful place for your jewelry - right after your body. Jewelry not only emphasizes beauty, it shows taste and character, expresses moods and symbolizes love, connectedness or precious memories. Therefore you should always keep your jewelry safe and lovingly.  

Give your treasures a noble home. Jewelry boxes and jewelry boxes protect your treasures and underline their special magic. Enjoy the good feeling of knowing that your jewelry is always optimally stored.

Jewelry box - the optimal jewelry storage

As versatile as jewelry itself are the possibilities of storing jewelry in various types of jewelry boxes.

For the first pieces of jewelry, a compact jewelry roll or a smaller jewelry box may be sufficient, but as soon as you have a larger number of precious items, a jewelry box is more suitable. For the various treasures of extensive jewelry collections jewelry cases offer enough space.

The larger a collection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or watches and cuff links becomes over the years, the more the need for clear and protective storage grows. A larger jewelry box or several different jewelry boxes for different jewelry are ideal for this.

Order and protection for your jewelry

More space and order in jewelry storage also means better protection against scratching and tangling. In addition, storing fashion jewelry and brilliant, silver or gold jewelry in their own jewelry boxes gives you a better overview of your treasures. If you would like to store your valuable jewelry in safes or lockers, flat jewelry boxes are particularly suitable.

Jewelry boxes not only create order, but also protect your jewelry from external influences such as dust, dirt, direct sunlight or moisture. Genuine silver jewelry can oxidize, for example, i.e. tarnish on contact with air and moisture. In a protective jewelry box your jewelry keeps its shine, and you always have it quickly at hand when you want to put it on.

Jewelry for men stored in style

While women often have a variety of different jewelry boxes and jewelry boxes for different types of jewelry, jewelry boxes for men are still the exception. However, wearing discreet jewelry has long been considered by men as a sign of self-confidence and strength of character. Jewelry boxes made of black leather are very popular with men, especially if they are also used to store watches. Sacher's modular Vario system is one of the hottest jewelry boxes for men.     

Jewelry storage while traveling

Surely you would like to have your favorite pieces of jewelry with you even on vacation. With their handy shape, jewelry cases or jewelry rolls are very well suited for storing your jewelry while traveling and can be easily stored in your luggage and hotel safe. Important is an intelligent division inside, so that your jewelry pieces do not lie around loose and scratch each other and chains do not get tangled. In the Designhütte Store you will find a selection of high-quality jewelry cases and jewelry rolls, with which you can take pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, chains, earrings, rings and watches well protected on your travels.

If you want to travel with a larger collection of jewelry, a leather jewelry case is ideal. It offers enough space and can be easily transported thanks to its handle. A lockable lock increases the security against unauthorized access and an integrated mirror offers you comfort when putting on the jewelry.

How do I find the right jewelry box?

A high-quality jewelry box reflects the appreciation and positive feelings you associate with your jewelry. An important quality feature of jewelry boxes is the material. High-quality jewelry boxes are usually made of wood or leather. You will enjoy a noble jewelry box made of wood or a well processed jewelry case made of leather for a long time.

The size and features of the jewelry box are also decisive for the selection of the right jewelry box: Think about how much space you need to store your jewelry and which subdivisions are useful. Special holders for rings, loops or eyelets for earrings as well as compartments for necklaces and bracelets are helpful for keeping things tidy and organized. Soft materials inside the jewelry box and a careful separation of the jewelry pieces ensure that they do not scratch. Pull-out drawers and drawers increase your comfort when putting on and taking off the jewelry. A lock can be useful for the safe storage of your jewelry.

After you have thought about what requirements your jewelry box should meet, the question of design remains. Rectangular, round or oval? Jewelry boxes and jewelry cases are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Follow your sense of aesthetics.

Jewelry storage with a good feeling

Jewelry boxes, jewelry cases, jewelry boxes ... The possibilities of jewelry storage are as varied and individual as your jewelry collection. Choose a storage solution that makes you feel good and increases your pleasure in putting on your favourite jewelry every day.

Do you have questions about jewelry storage? Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you.