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Boxy BLDC Nightstand watch winder series from Beco: The synthesis of design and innovation

The Boxy BLDC Nightstand watch winder series from Beco: a masterpiece of innovation, elegance and modularity. This series, consisting of the innovative Nightstand Single and EXT models, redefines the storage and care of automatic watches. With an elegant design, the quiet and efficient BLDC motor and outstanding modularity, these watch winders enable perfectly coordinated presentation and care of any watch collection. The Boxy BLDC Nightstand series stands for flexible, expandable solutions that impress with innovative technology and design excellence. Be inspired by the Boxy BLDC Nightstand series and take your watch collection to the next level of elegance and functionality.


Innovation, design and precision form the foundation of the Boxy BLDC Nightstand watch winder series from Beco, a brand known for its quality and reliability in the world of watch winders. In addition to the already popular modular Boxy Fancy Brick series, which is known for its flexibility and expandability, the Boxy BLDC Nightstand series now offers another option for watch enthusiasts who value design, functionality and modularity.




Elegance meets versatility

The Boxy BLDC Nightstand watch winder series is characterized by an elegant design that blends seamlessly into any interior. With two versions - the single version for use as a single device and the EXT (EXTENSION) version for modular use of several devices - Beco offers individual solutions for different needs.


Well thought out compatibility and modularity

The Boxy BLDC Nightstand range boasts compatibility with the established Boxy Fancy Brick range, demonstrating Beco's commitment to longevity and versatility. This universal adaptability allows watch collectors the flexibility to expand and customize their systems, making the series a future-proof investment.


Beco-NightstandModularity across series

A particularly charming feature of the Boxy BLDC Nightstand series is the compatibility of the base and extension panels with those of the Boxy Fancy Brick series. Beco has developed these universal platforms to ensure seamless expansion and adaptability across both series. Whether you choose the Boxy Fancy Brick or the Boxy BLDC Nightstand series, you benefit from the same flexibility and convenience to expand and configure your watch winder units as you wish.

Discover the Nightstand series

The launch of the Boxy BLDC Nightstand watch winder series marks an exciting moment for Beco and watch collectors worldwide. With the choice between the Nightstand Single (single use) and the Nightstand EXT (modular use), Beco offers customized solutions that meet both the aesthetic and functional needs of modern watch enthusiasts.


Nightstand Single (single use)

This non-modular version is perfect for watch collectors looking for a simple but elegant solution for storing and caring for their automatic watches. It combines quality and functionality in a compact design and is ideal for use on bedside tables or in display cabinets. A single version can only be used individually and not modularly.

Nightstand EXT (modular use)

The EXT version is the ideal choice for collectors who want to dynamically expand their collection. This modular version makes it possible to flexibly combine and expand several watch winder units using a base or extension plate for two or four modules - as required. The EXTENSION is based on the concept of modularity and therefore offers a future-proof option for growing watch collections.

Base plates

The Beco base plates for the Boxy Fancy Brick and Boxy BLDC Nightstand EXT series supply up to twelve modular winders with just one power supply unit. The power supply unit is only connected to the base plate and supplies the modular watch winders via contacts on the devices. This makes a variety of interesting combinations possible. Only watch winders without a power supply unit and the modular EXT version of the Nightstand model are required. The power supply unit can be purchased separately or is already included with the purchase of the first Boxy Fancy Brick with power supply unit. Boxy Fancy Brick models are all modular. With a mixed setup of Boxy Fancy Brick and Nightstand models, the difference between the running of a normal motor and the quiet and efficient running of the brushless BLDC motor of the Nightstand models is particularly noticeable. The quietest option is an assembly of pure Beco Nightstand watch winders.



Discover the Boxy BLDC Nightstand series and experience how Beco is redefining the way we present and care for our watches.


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